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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Holy Shit!

Remember in Raiders of the Lost Ark when that really annoying Nazi got his face melted off due to the awesomeness of the Ark? Well,kiss your face goodbye because...Crytek just unveiled the newest iteration of it's game development software: Cryengine 3.

I just watched a tech demo video from GDC '11....and I am blown away, to say the least.

Check it out at Game Trailers.

Unfortunately, unlike the first Cryengine, this one is not going to be available to the public. Crytek is only going to liscense to game development companies, film studios and what they term "companies outside of the entertainment industry." Meaning, architecture firms.

This is going to be an absolutely huge leap forward in the game development process. Especially if Rockstar can get ahold of it and integrate it with their revolutionary Motion Capture software.


  1. It's an absolute shame that a writer of your caliber hasn't gotten any comments, so I decided to break that streak.

    I didn't even know the last engine was available to the public. More importantly the way you worded it makes me wonder if you used the engine in some way.

    As for the engine itself it looks amazing. I especially liked the beginning as it seemed more impressive. Possibly just because I like nature.

  2. The first Cryengine was shipped with FarCry as a promotional tool. Cryengine 2 is pretty much the map editor from FarCry 2 with a few more features (the ability to edit lighting, more texture mapping, character creation, etc.).

    I'm really rather upset that Cryengine 3 isn't going to be made available to the public, but Crytek is a company. And companies have to make money.

    I agree that the nature scenes look gorgeous. The car didn't impress me much. Any engine can make a shiny vehicle. I was much more impressed with the "set" it was on.

    I had wanted to get ahold of a full version of either Cryengine 2 or 3 so I could start making films again. But I can't get an individual license and I don't have a computer powerful enough to dedicate to the production of animated films.


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